Deji Adeyanju: Obi Fans Are Known Liars And Fake News Merchants

Deji Adeyanju: Obi Fans Are Known Liars And Fake News Merchants

Two-faced activist, Deji Adeyanju, has again debunked a tweet he made himself about Peter Obi offering him money.

Mr Deji had accused Obi of offering him money which he rejected. He then debunked it almost immediately by deleting the tweet. Unfortunately for him, the tweet was spotted by Sahara Reporters before it was gone. As soon as SR published it, Mr Deji popped up a disclaimer almost immediately debunking it. He also accused Sahara Reporters of reporting what he didn’t say.

However, the double-tongue activist, earlier today, trashed his own disclaimer again.

According to him,

“Obi fans are known liars & fake news merchants. Obi is too small for me to ask him money. If I can never ask current governors that are my friends in APC or PDP for money, is it a former Gov I will ask? He offered me money & I refused. Begged to see me for a month. Have receipts.”

“Will never start attacking any politician but just criticize them. It is when their paid agents tell lies against me that I expose them. Most Nigerian politicians including saints have tried to give me money but go & verify from your Ogas if they succeeded.”

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