Insecurity: Anambra Community Bans Youth Activities

The community banned all youth activities and disbanded all youth leadership to curb insecurity.

“To tackle the worsening insecurity, Nteje community in Oyi Local Government Area of Anambra State has placed a ban on all youth activities.

President General of the community, Chidiebele Obika who spoke during a meeting of the combined groups in the community, including the Nteje Development Union, the women’s group and custodians of the community’s culture and traditions on Sunday, July 24, also said the community had abolished the indiscriminate sale of land, adding that the community’s youths have become lazy because of the money realised from such sales.

Punch reported that he said;

“We are pained by the state of insecurity in Nteje community today, and we have gathered here to take steps to correct some of the things that have been causing it.

“One thing I am sure of is that our youths are not members of Indigenous People of Biafra or Eastern Security Network.

“But we know we have restive youths and are taking steps to curb them. That is why we have resolved that from today, all youth activities in the community must be abolished, and all youth leadership disbanded.

“It is in the guise of youth leaders that some people have become terrors unto the community, and that must stop. When we are ready to hold elections for youth groups, we will announce it, and the people will elect their leaders, not one person standing up and arrogating leadership.

“Also, indiscriminate sales of land have caused our youths to be lazy, but to rely only on sales of land as income. This has caused most of our land to be sold away by people illegally.

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“From today, anyone wishing to sell land must inform their families, and they, in turn, will inform Ojiana (custodians of tradition), who will now inform the community leadership. Same for anyone wishing to buy land in Nteje.”

It was also announced during the meeting that a registration for all non-indigenes living in the community will soon be launched, as they’ve discovered that some non-indigenes are allegedly contributing to insecurity in the area.

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