Lady In Tears After Discovering She’s Not The Biological Daughter Of Her Dad

Lady In Tears After Discovering She’s Not The Biological Daughter Of Her Dad

A lady has been left in pain after finding out that she is not the biological daughter of her father.

Sharing her sad experience in life, she narrated;

“Three weeks ago, my grandmother from mother’s side who is very old, got into a serious fight with me and during the argument, she referred to me as a basta.rd and someone picked from gutter.

I was a bit speechless. I tried to weigh it down and relate it to her sickness but something in me kept telling me to investigate.

I have been living with my parents since I was born and I never had the thoughts that I was not really part of my own family.

She kept saying this whenever we fight and at a point, I took the case to my mother and my mother asked me to keep quiet. She said I know my grandmother is sick.

It kept repeating itself till I couldn’t take it anymore. I waited till everyone was home and in the presence of everybody, I raised up the topic and pretended like I already know the truth.

While I was talking, my mother’s hands began to shake and I confirmed my suspicion. Yes, I was my mother’s daughter but not my father’s daughter.

Just then, my father looked at me with tears in his eyes and then he said what I never expected to hear from him in my lifetime…… This man had the mind to look me in the face and say “no wonder you are a dumb ass while your father is a smart man. You fail all your courses in school”.

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I was speechless and burst into tears. He was so mad and he asked me to choose between leaving his house or watching him relocate forever.

This is someone I lived with all my life. I do not know what to do at this moment cause I cannot imagine living with my mother who deceived me all my life”.

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